Reverse Delivery

Reverse Delivery provides an unparalleled experience for managing returns.
The simple to use portal allows customers the opportunity of confirming their product(s) being returning from your website

Let the Journey Begin

Reverse Delivery integrates seamlessly via API or certified connectors for leading e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and geocode system What3Words

The customer's experience is our top priority. That’s why we offer a simple way to connect and interact with your customers, in any capacity you need it-from one SKU or thousands!
We make sure every interaction meets their needs by providing an easy return process that saves time for everyone involved - from collecting data through returns processing at both ends of the transaction journey (as well as after). It doesn't matter what tools are being used either; reverse delivery has got this covered

Easy integration

Your customers will be able to navigate and order from your website, as well as view their orders on a mobile or tablet device with just one click. Reverse Delivery offers an online portal where you can integrate it seamlessly into the user's experience by utilizing our URL redirect service - which means no additional development necessary!

Full Visibility

The Reverse Delivery program gives you full visibility into your customers’ returns journey so that you can drive customer loyalty by delivering faster refunds.

Used By Many

Reverse Delivery integrates seamlessly via API or certified connectors for leading e-commerce platforms, including including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and geocode system What3Words

Our Services

International Delivery

International delivery, ideal solution for corporate clients exporting or importing commercial goods.

Domestic Delivery

Whether you need something shipped across the street or across the country, Reverse has a service that works best for your shipment.

Reverse Services

By providing dedicated services to handle returns, your customers will be able get the fast and simple process they deserve with an emphasis on loyalty. This not only ensures higher revenue but also builds stronger relationships between you.

Freight & Customs Services

Our network has decades of experience in customs regulations, whether you have an import or export our team will serve. Reverse delivery has strong partnership among the regional airlines to expand our coverage and serve your business reach.

What Makes Us Different

We offer our clients a wide variety of domestic logistics services, whether you need same-day services, Next-day services, or on-demand services.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Faster Network

Sustainable Growth

Deliveryman unloads the car with parcels, delivery
Reverse services offering

Reverse services offering

International shipping covering GCC and Levant key countries as well as Turkey.

End to end domestic service covering entire UAE market. Our return management solutions serve retailers, SMEs, and shopping platforms aiming to become one stop shop solution for our customers.

We offer a wide range of payment options that suits your business needs. 

Whatever the customs challenge, we’re on the top of it. Our freight service transports everything from heavy and bulky to the critical and essential. 

Based In Dubai for your convenience