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The problem with international shipping

The international logistics of returns and exchanges is a real pain in the neck when you're selling internationally. You have to deal with physically checking each item for its worth, then processing all those pesky paperwork things so that your money can be refunded back home

Our Solution

We are providing convenience as simplified rate calculation for international shipping. We offer cash or card payment options upon delivery so that you can get your products quickly and easily without any hassles!


Why Work with Us

With the rapid growth of e-commerce in MENA, companies were founded to service this booming industry.

Reverse is one such company that supports these logistics providers by providing full supply chain management solutions throughout the GCC.

We do so with a focus on quality customer experience at each point where it matters most.

We help serve as your connection between order management, shipping/fulfillment methods & returns solutions so you can focus on growing business instead!

Book Deliveries

Using our intelligent CRM system, you will be able to book deliveries with just one click of a button.

Online Portal Acess

The customer and you can easily navigate through our online portal to ensure that every step is taken care of.

Track Deliveries

With our online portal, you and your customer will be able to track the progress of your delivery from when it leaves us until it reaches its destination.

Fast Cash Deposit

We're excited to offer our customers the ability pay with fast cash deposits as well a credit card, which means that no matter what your financial institution of choice is - you can be sure that you will be taken care of.

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Our Services

International Delivery

International delivery, ideal solution for corporate clients exporting or importing commercial goods.

Domestic Delivery

Whether you need something shipped across the street or across the country, Reverse has a service that works best for your shipment.

Reverse Services

By providing dedicated services to handle returns, your customers will be able get the fast and simple process they deserve with an emphasis on loyalty. This not only ensures higher revenue but also builds stronger relationships between you.

Freight & Customs Services

Our network has decades of experience in customs regulations, whether you have an import or export our team will serve. Reverse delivery has strong partnership among the regional airlines to expand our coverage and serve your business reach.

What Makes Us Different

Solutions to Grow Your Business

The shipping industry is more focused on forward shipments and tends to offer reverse service as a deferred option. Some companies lack the technology that their customers need such as an online booking platform, customer portal with performance dashboard (proactive shipment tracking), knowledgeable staff who can provide solutions when you have questions about regulations or carrier services offered by different providers. 

Reverse was born out of necessity to fill that void in the market.

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